Saturday, 17 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review : Week Ending: 9th of March 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:              Year 5                               Week Ending: 15/03/2018
·         Fictional Diary writing has been tested in Homework to ensure that all features are successfully included and misunderstandings subsequently dealt with. Examples of poetry from the First World War has been introduced in order to inform the creative writing of soldier’s diaries based upon poet’s experiences of war.
·         Comprehension tasks linked to the Humanities topic have focused upon reading
·         Word= searches have been created and shared using words based upon individual strengths and attributes.
·         The seven times table has been learned and eight times revised for next test.
·         The commutative principle has been introduced for number work including fractions and multiplication and division facts using fractions have been started.
·         The use of “X” as an unknown quantity has also been introduced and worked with. Misunderstandings have been addressed. 
·         The planets of the solar system have been learned and illustrated
·         A Brief History of  Viking Britain has been covered by the class and models of Viking ships constructed for Homework
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         The class have been considering their own personal attributes and skills that they are proud of.  They have been shown that when people are feeling sad or lacking in confidence they can become happier after reflecting upon their own qualities.
·         We need confidence and belief in ourselves if we are to become successful in life and resist unkindness -  including bullying .
   Mr Peter  

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