Saturday, 10 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review :Week Ending: 8 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:              Year 5                               Week Ending: 08/03/2018
·         Recounts were completed and the writing of diaries was introduced. The class investigated different diaries including Pepys’ non-fiction Diary, recording the Fire of London, and the background to the Diary of Anne Frank.  Fictional diaries written for comic effect were also examined e.g. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Children read out favourite excerpts from books and a checklist was created showing features of Diary Writing. This criteria will be used as success criteria in pupils’ own writing of diaries for different purposes and audiences
·         Addition and subtraction of 5 digit numbers was checked and misunderstandings addressed.
·         Fraction work was completed with fractions of amounts
·         The Four Times Table was presented as double the two times table. They were practised in warm-up sessions in preparation for assessment
·         The Light Topic was completed and investigations planned for next laboratory session
·         Our planetary system was reviewed to introduce the Earth and Space Topic 
·         History: The class investigated the changes introduced by Roman settlers of Britain. Roads, forts, army, homes and fashion
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         Continued establishing classroom rules and consequences of actions
·         Participated in Anti-Bullying presentation and considered ill effects of bullying; our response to bullying and the importance of always informing someone we trust when it occurs
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