Friday, 2 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review 1st of March 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 5                               Week Ending: 01/03/2018
·         Writing for different purposes: Recounts.                                                                                    The class learned about the features of recounts, including: using first person, using past tense and chronological order. They completed their own examples of recounts following that success criteria on a visit of their choice. After receiving feedback they redrafted their text to improve them.
·         Revision and use of time words.
·         Time Word derivations: days of week, months of year. Norse and Roman influences.
·         Checking current levels of ability in Number.
·         Investigating alternative strategies in mental maths. Multiplying by 11 and the 9x tables
·         Introducing fractions and discovering equivalents. Using mathematical terms :Numerator and Common Denominator
·         Adding simple fractions: 1/8, 1/6 1/5, ¼, 1/3, 1/2 
·         Revise Light and Shadows- Transparent, Opaque and Translucent materials.
·         Learn about light source, difference between suns (stars) and planets/moons, the spectrum and explanation of  the absorption and reflection of light
·         History: Settlers and invaders of Britain and their effects upon the English language.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         Re-establishing class-room rules in order to promote effective teaching and learning.
·         Introduction and recognition of effective learning habits/capacities that we need to develop in order to grow success.
·         Consider personal development and growing responsibilities with age.
   Mr Peter  

If you would like to meet Mr Peter, then please email him directly and arrange a suitable time.

Please look out for details of the upcoming Year 5 Wellspring residential trip- 24-26 April, 2018!

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