Friday, 9 February 2018

Week Ending: 8th of February 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:           Year 5                                  Week Ending: 8.2.18
This week, we studied grammar focusing on pronouns in the grammar the book. Students also reviewed parts of speech, by and developed use of verbs, nouns and adjectives. We also began writing opinion pieces surrounding human animal treatment.
Throughout the week, we learned to read time and interpret timetables practically by copying the tables into their copybooks and answering questions that revolve around the topic given. We also have learned to add and subtract decimal numbers and rounding decimal numbers to the nearest tenths.
Student this week were taught to understand that smooth surfaces like mirrors and shiny surfaces, such as metal or foil reflect light so well that we can see images of ourselves on them.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
The class discussed choices and consequences and how it could affect a lot of aspects in students lives. Also we talked about gratitude and positivity and how it affects your outlook on life. 

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