Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Science Project

Dear parents,

In science, we have been learning about the water cycle. For the end of term project, students will need to prepare and conduct a water cycle simulation at home and record a  video  of them explaining  the  cycle.  I will have done an  example simulation  in  class.  Here is the criteria for the project:

Video  must  be  taken  with  the student explaining the different tools used to conduct the experiment  ( glass  cup,  kettle,  water, gloves,  etc.)
Student  must  explain  the  life  cycle  using  the  vocabulary  evaporation,  condensation, precipitation, collection, and water  vapor).
Students  are  expected  to   clearly state how the project represents the Earth’s water cycle ● Projects  will be turned in Monday,  December  11 th.
Students  will need to turn in a drawn diagram of the Earth’s water cycle and 1 paragraph explaining in detail. 
Here are  two  example  simulations  that  are  explained  in  excellent  detail:
(Note: Please help your child when dealing with hot liquids and heat sources!)

Here are some links to review the water cycle: 

Thank you for your help. 
Mahmoud El-Bassiouny

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