Friday, 24 November 2017

Weekly Learning Review

Week Ending:  23rd of November

Class:       5                                      Week Ending: 23.11.17
This week, we studied poetry; focusing and analyzing the poem “Winter” . Students also discussed new vocabulary and began writing their  own poems. We have also worked on comprehension skills “A Caribbean Tale (Tukku-Tukku and Samson)”  by reading stories and discussing them together as a class and answering questions about the context to make sure that reading understanding  level is improving.  

Throughout the week, the class studied graphing and ordered pairs on a graph. We did this practically by drawing the coordinate plane in their maths copybooks and answering challenging questions that revolve around the topic.   We also have learned this week about mass measurements (weight) by using the units  (g, kg). We calculated the differences between each unit and why we use different units.
Christmas Show
We have continued to learn lines, sing songs and rehearse dances for the Christmas Show.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
The class discussed expectations for behaviour and revisited the class rules. We also thought about the importance of speaking English in school at all times and , through the personal learning goal ‘Respect’, we considered the importance of respecting those in authority.
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