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Weekly Learning Review

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 5                                      Week Ending: 26.10.17

Spelling this week were the words ending in ‘ight’, ‘ious’, ‘ial’ and ‘ough’. We again spent a lot of time clarifying the meaning of the words and using them correctly in sentences. Part of the weekly spelling test will include constructing sentences using spelling  words. It is essential that, as well as learning how to spell the words, students know what they mean and can use the words correctly.
We have started a unit of work on ‘Our Blue Planet’ which has cross curricular links with the work we have been doing in Geography. We started by looking at some unfamiliar words; exploring definitions and using the words in a new context. A short story extract was read and discussed as a class. We looked at the writer’s use of language. This will help us after the holiday when students will be writing their own adventure story.
We had a short assessment on a comprehension based exercise, which will help to plan our next steps in learning. After the mid term break we will have a grammar based assessment. We are continuing our drama themed lessons using ‘The Witches’ as a base for our activities.
This week in maths, we have had our regular mental maths test. We also focused on percentages. A ‘Maths Antics’ visual guide introduced the topic in a fun way to show students how percentages are important in daily life. We then looked at some examples of questions. The students then completed questions individually. By the end of the week, students could work out percentages of whole numbers and some word based problems. Students are encouraged on a daily basis to seek out help at snack time or lunch time to clarify any issues with the learning throughout the week. I am always available to reinforce learning covered in lesson time.
We conducted a short mathematics assessment. This will help plan our next steps in leaning. On Thursday we completed our  division/multiplication quiz.
This week we completed our assessment on the work we have covered so far.
This week we completed our assessment on the work we have covered so far. 
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week during PSHCE we had our Halloween celebrations through a spooky cinema theme. We watched a film from ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’; a book series very popular with the students. We enjoyed our cinema style snacks, and had some fun based activities together as a class.
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