Thursday, 12 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 12.10.17

Weekly Learning Review
Class:  Year 5                   Week Ending: 12.10.17
This week, we are completing our work on myths and legends. Students have written their own tale. We concentrated on paragraphs and punctuation. The ‘Success Criteria’ was based on features of a typical tale , such as inclusion of fantasy creatures; good and evil; courage and determination and a detailed setting for their story. Some of the students also managed to include a message in their story, such as being honest is always good.
Spelling this week included words ending in ‘ive’, ‘ible’ and ‘able’. We spent a lot of time clarifying the meaning of our words and using them correctly in sentences. Part of the weekly spelling test will include constructing sentences using the words. It is essential that as well as learning how to spell the words students know what they mean and can use the words correctly.
For comprehension, we looked at some fun fact files about mythical creatures. Students have been really encouraged to use full detailed sentences when completing their answers. Some learners also went on to write their own comprehension questions based around the fact files.
In Grammar, we have been practising our eight comma rules to consolidate learning from last week. For example, using commas to separate items in a list of three or more and using commas to separate a quotation from the rest of a sentence.
This week in maths we have had a really positive week looking at remainders. We have used remainders as whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Towards the end of the week, we practised some word problems using remainders. We also revised our  2 digit by 2 digit multiplication and introduced 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Mental maths was completed on Wednesday. Students are now confident with using the twenty four hour clock notation and finding the perimeter of shapes. There are many mental maths tests on- line that can be practised at home. Please search ‘Year 5 mental maths’ and choose one of the many options. Our weekly multiplication and division test was completed on Thursday.
We are continuing our work on States of Matter. This week, we studied the water cycle. Making sure key vocabulary is understood and spelt correctly. As a class we will make a display of the Water Cycle using all the correct terminology.
This week, we continued our work on oceans and seas. We had a really good question and answer session about pollution, global warming and overfishing. Students wrote their own summary of what we had discussed in their topic books.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
As last Thursday was absent from school, this week we continued with our work on communication. Students read through information and, in pairs, reported it back, giving  both sides of the argument.

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