Thursday, 5 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending:4.10.17

Weekly Learning Review
Class:Year 5   Miss Georgina      Week Ending:  4.10.17
This week, we are continuing our work on myths and legends. We looked at a traditional poem from Jamaica. We answered some comprehension questions based on the poem, and discussed  the style of language the poet used in her poem. This week in writing we are starting to write our own myth/legend. We have looked at a Cherokee tale and de-constructed it to get a feel for how the story is written. This week, students have begun the process by planning their own tale. In grammar, we focused on the correct use of commas. Spelling words this week are plurals. We also spent sometime going over the plural rules and practised examples.
Mathematics this week has seen us concentrating on multiplication and division. We started by looking at simple calculations and to refresh our times tables. We moved on to look at multiplying two digit by two digit numbers. The last past of the week focused on word problems using multiplication and division. Mental maths was completed on Wednesday.  
We are continuing our work on states of matter. We looked at evaporation and condensation and reinforced our learning with a fun video to visualise the concepts we have been talking about.
This week we have mapped the main seas and oceans and discussed their importance to the planet and people. We have also recapped on the continents and lines of latitude.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
We have continued our work on communication skills. Students have worked in groups and then presented to the rest of the class.
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