Saturday, 30 September 2017

Class: Year 5 Weekly Learning Review

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 5                              Week Ending: 28 September 2017
This week, we have started looking at myths and legends. The unit of work was introduced by watching an animation about Hercules. We discussed the characteristics of myths and legends and studied some key vocabulary. Later in the week, we completed a comprehension about Tchang, an ancient Chinese legend. Students focused on their comprehension skills. Finding information from the text and using full detailed sentences. Students have been reminded about handwriting and presentation. For grammar, we have focused on the use of pronouns and commas. Spelling words for this week were root words.
Maths this week has seen us concentrating on place value. Students have familiarised themselves with place value charts and seen a short presentation to help reinforce the concept. The learning objectives have enabled students to write, order and compare numbers up to 1,000,000, also to recognise the value of each digit in whole numbers, as well as writing digits into written numbers and vice versa.    
In science, we have been looking at states of matter. A Power Point presentation demonstrated the different properties between solids, liquids and gases. Students then created their own picture board to memorise these properties.
The deep ocean has been our focus. We discussed problems of deep sea exploration and why people want to explore the oceans. An animation showed the students how vast and deep the oceans are. We also discussed the creatures that live in the deep. Students wrote up our discussion points in their own words.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week, we have been focusing on the importance of communication. In particular listening to others, the ability to report back to others and how to contribute properly and sensibly to discussions.
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